espacos do desenho

below - the artist’s drawing of a fuchsia and 3 different outcomes of its evolution

brinco de princesa

princess’s earing



uma cigarra deitada

a cicada lying down

um rato de computador com sofas e muitos fios

a computer mouse with sofas and lots of wires

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below - views of the installation - photos by Rachel Cohen and Teresa Carneiro

Visitors drawing with sticks and ink in the opening space at Fabrica Braco de Prata

The drawings were hung in the interior spaces so participants would see the whole display only after making their contribution

Titles were also added by the participants

In December 2008 Rachel Cohen took part in the drawing research residency Espacos do Desenho at Fabrica Braco de Prata in Lisbon. She invited visitors to copy drawings and hung them directly on the gallery walls. Sequences began with depictions of familiar objects and creatures and evolved through iterative copying. In this project, by selecting certain drawings for repeated copying and others for extinction, the artist practiced a version of ‘natural’ selection resulting in a dynamic installation.