a residency with Gisel Carriconde Azevedo in Chapada dos Veadeiros, and Brasilia, september 2015

the outcome an exhibition at deCurators Gallery in Brasilia.

an exhibition about nature and the built environment and how humans domesticate space.

part of a continuing international dialogue between the two artists (see also re-Discoveries).

some of the works were made collaboratively - description of works shown below:

aguaeluz/waterandlight - an installation of natural objects from the Chapada, cyanotype prints and plastic bags, in the gallery window. (Azevedo & Cohen)

semente/seeds - an installation of seeds and their shadows in the architectural framework of a wall of ventilation bricks called copogo. (Cohen)

overviews of the gallery interior including the installation leaves/folhas (Azevedo and Cohen) and the video performance clearing/clarita (Cohen) see the video on vimeo

agua e luz is also the title of a piece of work sent to Brazil 2 years earlier for an exhibition curated by Azevedo (see sculpture and installation)


agua e luz 2015

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